Steve Matthiasson’s classically balanced, restrained wines have earned the attention of consumers and critics alike under his own eponymous label. He has been named Winemaker of the Year from both Food and Wine Magazine and the San Francisco Chronicle and is a four-time nominee for the prestigious James Beard Award.


Since receiving his M.S. from U.C. Davis in 1996, he has also provided viticultural consulting for historic vineyards such as Stag’s Leap Wine Cellars, Spottswoode Winery, the Araujo Estate, and Dalla Valle Vineyards, to name a few. His background in farming stands as a testament of his belief that “great wine is made in the vineyard.” Together with his wife Jill, Steve raises his two sons and farms his own family vineyards and orchards in the Napa Valley.

In winemaking, farming, or even in life, we’re always searching for balance.



Steve’s history with Meadowbrook Farm vineyard stretches back to his origins as a farmer and viticulturist, more than 10 years before our family came to the Napa Valley. Fate has a peculiar way of bringing things full circle, and it wasn’t long after we settled here that Peter first met Steve during a field trip for a wine class in culinary school. Peter boarded the bus from St. Helena, only to end up at Steve’s neighboring Linda Vista home, a mere stone’s throw away from Meadowbrook Farm.
Steve very graciously shared his knowledge and passion of wine with Peter. Less than a month after meeting and mere days after the fires, we knew that we were ready to call Steve and begin the journey of starting our own winery. Despite a hectic schedule, Steve saw boundless potential in the storied grapes from Meadowbrook Farm and agreed to become our partner and winemaker.