Together-Japanese for “Cheers”. A simple words that means so much more to us. It means celebration. It means family and togetherness. It means sharing life with the people you love. We choose this word to represent our winery as a reminder of home, To honor our friends and family. 


We are producers of artisanally crafted wines that express the terroir of some of the best vineyards across Napa and Sonoma in winemaker Steve Matthiasson’s classically balanced style. Located in the Oak Knoll District of Napa Valley, Kanpai Wines’ estate vineyard Meadowbrook Farm has been providing premium Napa Valley Cabernet Sauvignon for legendary wines for over 30 years.
Owners Peter Chiang and Azumi Kubo share a deep love for food and hospitality and hope that each bottle reflects this sentiment. From the vineyard to the barrel to the bottle, all wines start with a simple question- how do we want to drink this wine? We imagine the food, the setting, and the people we want to drink with. Each wine is crafted with a purpose and the dream that it will be enjoyed to the fullest.

From the vineyard to the barrel to the bottle, all wines start with a simple question- how do we want to drink this wine?


When our family first came to the Napa Valley, we originally intended to carry on the legacy of Meadowbrook by farming the vines and selling the grapes, but fate had other plans. The 2017 wildfires swept through the valley, coming within a mile of our vineyard. In the aftermath, our grape buyers couldn’t take on any more fruit, so we made the decision to start our own winery. Newcomers to the valley, we wanted to give back to the community that had welcomed us so warmly. We donated the proceeds from our first vintage of Hi No Tori rosé to wildfire relief efforts, a tradition that we continue every year.



Peter uses his experience as a culinary school graduate and chef to explore his passion for food and wine pairings. All of our wines are made with Peter’s culinary vision in mind. Along with his wife Azumi, he takes every opportunity to host, cook, and entertain for his family and friends.


Azumi is very proud of her Japanese heritage and culture. A true lover of wine and art, many of the creative ideas for Kanpai’s artistic vision begin with her. Azumi uses her expertise in hospitality, language, and communication to make sure nothing gets lost in translation.