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In Japan, watching the seasons change is one of life’s greatest simple pleasures. Each season is accompanied by new sights, sounds, smells, and, most importantly, foods. Inspired by local and seasonal ingredients, we put together this winter-ready charcuterie board to complete the holiday mood at any small gathering.

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wine and cheese board

The key to any great charcuterie board is variety. Be sure to provide a wide range of treats that will satisfy different palates or diets. A good starting point is to provide three meats and three cheeses that each offer something different. We chose a soft Point Reyes blue cheese, a firm Carmody from Sonoma County, and a slightly soft smoked goat cheese. From Fatted Calf in Napa, we got prosciutto, salumi seasoned with fennel, and a slightly spicy chorizo. Smoked meats or cheeses are perfect for a cozy, cold day. Mix and match crackers, breadsticks, and flatbreads for a range of different tastes and textures. Your guests will love finding their favorite flavor combinations. Our personal favorite- blue cheese with pear stacked on a slice of baguette from Bouchon bakery. The intensity and creaminess of the cheese is perfectly balanced by the sweet, crisp pear.

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To really impress your guests, you can make a batch of our cabernet jelly to try with your favorite cheeses. A spicy habanero pepper jelly and a side of local honey are also great options for nearly endless flavor combinations. A mix of marinated olives, mushrooms, or pickles will provide a tangy balance to the rich cheeses and meats. From Meadowbrook Farm, we picked ripe Fuyu persimmons and the last of the season’s pears for a light, slightly sweet snack.

No charcuterie board is complete without a few food-friendly wines. Our light and balanced Mizu No Oto Pinot Noir is a good match for the thinly sliced prosciutto, and the Hi No Tori Cabernet Sauvignon is great with the fennel salumi. Hi No Tori Rose of Cabernet Sauvignon can also stand up well to richer cheeses due to its crisp acidity. For a lighter wine to complement the nuts and fruit, try our lightly oaked Aki No Mori Chardonnay.




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